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What to Get from Golf Sets?

Written on September 2, 2014 at 11:36 am, by

The number of manufacturers and distributors assure buyers the best golf clubs that match their needs and skills. The availability of golf sets make purchasing for beginners much easier. They’ll have all their needed clubs in one purchase.

Obtaining a set saves buyers from thinking about the right club for specific shots. This set has everything they need.

The following are the types of clubs included in a set:


Driver is usually the first club used in a golf game. Possessing the lowest loft among the set, drivers allow players to propel golf balls at farther distances, which is usually needed at the first part of the game. The starting point to the hole is quite far depending on the course chosen for the game. Nevertheless, the goal of this sport is to use as few shots as possible. Having a driver ready in the bag will help players start their game properly.

Usually, sets have around one or two drivers as included golf clubs in the set. Shorter courses will only require a single driver given that the shot is strong the first time.

Fairway wood

golf clubsFairway woods are still required for long-distanced shots on the fairway turf. Fairway is the part of the course with uneven ground surfaces, which makes driving the ball out a challenge. People think that drivers will do the job since long-distanced shot is still required. Nevertheless, drivers’ low loft makes it difficult to propel the ball over the low hindrances on turfs.

Fairway woods have higher loft, which give way to shots with higher angles that will take the player out of the fairway easily. Clubs of this type may come in various type depending on the solution offered by the dealer or manufacturer.

Sand wedge

As the name implies, a sand wedge is the club specifically used for drawing golf balls out of sandy patches on golf courses. Getting the ball out of this considered unlucky spot is a challenge considering its composition. The ball may only set deeper into the sand and the player drifting off his game.

Sand wedge golf clubs are specially designed with wider soles that can scoop out the ball from the sound because of its better bounce than using other clubs. Dealers know that driving golf balls into sand patches are common problems among beginners, which prompt them to offer these clubs with the set.

Pitching wedge

This wedge is designed to produce higher shot with shorter trajectory compared to other irons. Usually, a set may have several matched irons together with the pitching wedge. This gives way to better ball control according to the player’s specific requirement.

Gap or lob wedge

Several dealers may not offer these wedge because they are often purchased as additional clubs for advanced and professional players. However, some distributors include a gap or lob wedge to start introducing its features to novice players.

A gap wedge produces higher shot with shorter trajectory compared to pitching wedge. A lob wedge, also known as L-wedge comes up with high arc shots that are ideal for higher turf obstructions. With these golf clubs, players can start testing their features on specific scenarios and use them in the future with ease.


A putter is the last type of clubs used for golf since it’s for hitting golf balls into the hole. Instead of causing angled shots, it will only cause the ball to roll towards the hole. Some putters are also designed to produce angled shots, but with sufficient control to promote better roll.

By obtaining a golf set, you will get these key golf clubs you’ll need in playing your first game. Remember that every dealer has its offer and you simply need to find the number of clubs and types they offer to meet your needs.

How to Wear Lapel Pins

Written on August 26, 2014 at 6:14 am, by

A lapel pin—also called a badge, brooch, coin, or button—is a small piece of metal-based pin worn on the lapel of a jacket or a suit. Though most are worn as an accessory, its more popular use now is to show affiliation to or achievement in a company or organization. Though anyone can put their pin wherever they want on their clothes, including on bags and caps, formal occasion and special pins require specific placement. This is especially important when one is representing an organization during the gathering.

If Member of a Military Organization

If a member of a military organization, regardless if one is wearing the military uniform or not, one must follow their own specific strict code of wearing their pin. In 2006, the Department of Veteran Affairs announced that military veterans should wear their achievement badges, military pin, and medallions on patriotic holidays such as Veterans’ Day, Independence Day, and Memorial Day. They are also encouraged to wear them not just on these holidays or in occasions with similar themes but on an everyday basis because it is just right to let their countrymen know that they “took oath and served the country.”

When Wearing a Suit and Tie

The pin should be placed on the lapel, near the heart, when wearing a suit or a jacket, especially when such item symbolizes something of value to the person who wore it. An example of this is the US flag pin. In fact, this is backed up by a section in the United States Flag Code, which states that “The flag represents a living country and is itself considered a living thing. Therefore, the lapel flag pin being a replica, should be worn on the left lapel near the heart.”

When one is wearing a tie, the person also has the option to pin it toward the middle of the tie; but pinning it on the lapel side is still considered more appropriate.

When Wearing a Shirt

When one is wearing neither a jacket nor a tie, pins are most appropriately pinned on the lapel.

When It Is Okay to Wear Multiple Pins?

pins1.When there is no “conflict of interest” between the pins. Wearing a promotional pin of one’s start-up business is discouraged when worn together with a pin that shows the logo of the company where one is currently working, even if they belong to different industries.

2.When either one is just a pure accessory. Any other pin—patriotic, achievement, or promotional—can be worn together with a decorative one.

3.When the badges show advancement in the company or organization. There are many organizations, both commercial and non-profit, that award a specific pin to every milestone their members achieve. It is okay to wear them together. In the military, wearing multiple pins is a common practice, but, again, one should follow their own protocols on the positioning thesebadges or medallions.

Make Sure It Is Worn Right

When wearing a pin, one must make sure that it is snugly clasped on the cloth so it won’t move a lot. Also make sure that the surface of the cloth where the pin is to be pinned is straightened out so the pin would not appear in a strange angle. A pin that is worn at an odd angle or in an upside down position can be offensive as it may give off a negative statement about the company or organization.

Caution Against Too Much Jewellery

Though this is mostly personal preference, fashion enthusiasts always emphasize to keep from wearing too many metals at once. In fact, most of them agree that when wearing a pin, you don’t need other metal accessory aside from your watch.

Essential Thread Details to Know for Getting Custom Patches

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Individuals ordering custom patches tend to focus on service providers who can do their needed design. However, buyers must understand the importance of verifying thread quality to ensure patch quality. Thread is the heart and soul of embroidered patches being the main items used for creating the product. To ensure thread and patch quality, you must check the following features with your chosen service provider:

Identifying the thread

Just like fabrics, threads come in various types that dictate their quality and durability. Among the famous threads used on patches are rayon threads because of their fine quality.

As you search for thread information, it’s best to verify if the company utilizes 100% rayon thread. Threads may also be a combination of different materials like nylon and others. Although material combination is a common practice, combinations may affect the entire thread quality. Ensuring 100% rayon threads are used will guarantee threads used are top caliber and have premium custom patches as output.

Ensuring fade-proof features

Rayon stands out as the best thread to use because of its fade-proof quality. Patches are subjected to different elements that affect their quality like extreme sunlight and detergent. Exposing fabric and threads to sunlight regularly can make their colors fade after some time. This is the start of your patches looking less impressive as the days go by. Rayon has the ability to withstand the harmful components that cause its colors to fade.

Furthermore, rayon’s colors will remain vibrant even with regular washing. Some threads can’t withstand regular washing even if they use delicate detergent. Using this thread for custom patches will certainly be an investment for lasting appearance.

Thread color standards

custom patchesAfter knowing the thread’s quality, checking thread color standards is the next procedure in ordering your patches. Thread color standards mean you’ll get a certain number of colors without additional fees. They are included upon settling with a patch maker’s services.

Offered standard colors offered vary depending on the patch makers. The usual range you’ll get for standard options are seven to nine colors for custom patches. Ordering more colors incur additional fees, which are amazingly cheap. This means if a company offers nine standard colors for free, your tenth color will have a price ranging from 10 cents and up. If you prefer getting additional colors, you must ask whether the additional color fee is per patch or as a whole to set your budget accordingly.

Since prices for additional colors start in cents, you must verify if the company offered more than a dollar per add-on color. This might be a package deal offered for clients. This price may be beneficial for individuals ordering many patches for large organizations.

Color selections

Finally, you must check the number of colors offered by the patch maker, particularly if you need detailed patches. Some companies may offer more standard color options, but with fewer color options. Check if the company has wide ranges of colors to choose from to avoid wasting your time.

Aside from regular colors, inquire if the company has special colors needed for special patches. Examples of these are metallic threads and neon threads. These shining and glowing threads promote appeal on patches. Be prepared for additional prices in obtaining special thread colors. They are the less used color options and cost more than regular threads due to the special procedures used in manufacturing them.

Coming up with custom patches will certainly look great on your clothes. Nevertheless, don’t forget that threads are the main stars on patches being the embroidered item on patches. Verify these details from the service provider to ensure you’ll get the most appealing and cool customized patches based on your design.

Looking Inside: An Introduction to Printed Circuit Boards

Written on August 14, 2014 at 8:13 am, by

Modern technology never seems to stop progressing which is a major help for people who are constantly seeking for assistance for numerous reasons. Most modern technology products work with the help of many interconnected electrical wires inside the device. But the question is, how do these wires make these gadgets and appliances function?

The secret: printed circuit boards.

From the smallest MP3 players to the largest network of supercomputers, printed circuit board are very useful for technological products to perform multiple tasks that may be performed separately or all at once. The idea behind the creation of this modern tool which allows appliances and gadgets to function is indeed very fascinating.

But what is a printed circuit board?

printed circuit boardImagine a desktop computer’s central processing unit or CPU. If a CPU is disassembled, a board with many small copper units and some wires will be recognized. This is called the motherboard. It can be found either on the CPU’s side or at its bottom. The motherboard itself is an example of a printed circuit board: a holder of the computer’s most important components.

A printed circuit board, abbreviated as PCB, is a tool that interconnects electronic components, as well as mechanically supporting the whole system of an appliance or a gadget. It is made of an insulating material which controls the passage of both heat and electricity. Electrical pathways are created through the process of etching. The electricity passes through the board’s surface, controlling its flow. This magnificent tool is just one among the most revolutionary creations in the field of modern technology.

PCBs are convenient to use even for beginners. The board contains many wires, but are coded in various colors, making it easy for identification and function. It can also be checked easily for malfunctions and connection problems because tracking signal paths can be made.

For an avid user of electronic devices, PCB is also the reason why some modern gadgets are smaller in size, portable, and more convenient to use. It also prevents the movement of the parts inside the device because they are soldered onto the board so you need not worry about displacing its vital components. The presence of the board is very important as it serves as the main factory that manages the device’s functionality. It is also user-friendly because it reduces noise inside the machine because the wires are properly organized. Aside from that, it is current-efficient because it can regulate the flow of electricity through the device.

For those planning to enter the business world, manufacturing or distributing PCBs is a very great idea. This is because it can be economically and massively produced. It has also long shelf life. Another thing is that PCBs have undergone a process called wave soldering which glues its components onto the insulator board and improves the quality of the board. Computer businesses can also benefit from it because using a printed circuit board allows the machines to be tested for efficient functionality before selling it to customers. It will also reduce the risk of committing errors when creating electronic devices.

Using a PCB also helps the environment. It does not easily corrode, thus making it an efficient material for recycling. Researchers have discovered and further developed some process of recycling it such as physical recycling or the manual dismantling, hydro metallurgy, bio-metallurgy, etc. This encourages not only ­­­­­­­the PCB manufacturers, distributors and technicians, but also the public to recycle.

Indeed, our generation has walked a milestone in the field of technology. The existence and usage of PCBs are the strongest proof of that. It has helped people live more conveniently. Printed circuit boards will continually improve their reliability and quality to aid everyone who need this technology.

Wear Your Brand: Custom Silicon Wristbands as a Branding Tool

Written on August 7, 2014 at 12:16 pm, by

In today’s image conscious world, branding is everything – especially for a company that faces a lot of competition. It doesn’t matter whether the company is a small start up or a large corporation; the only way for a company to survive the cutthroat world of business is for it to make a name for itself as quickly as it possibly can. Even well-known companies are still playing the branding game because that’s the only way their brand can maintain their “household name” status. This is why choosing the right marketing and branding tool is very important.

While online and social media marketing seem to be booming this seemingly technology-obsessed society, nothing beats good old fashioned advertising. This means slapping a brand or company’s name on any piece of advertising real estate they can find. This includes billboards, posters, and other tangible media. Smaller promotional items such as custom silicon wristbands have also become quite popular in recent years. These small pieces of silicon bands may not seem like much at first, but they do have the power to make people aware of the existence of a particular company, brand, or product. Here’s why:

  • custom silicon wristbandsThey’re (still) fashionable – Contrary to what some people may think, custom silicon wristbands are still trendy after becoming a worldwide craze several years ago. The reason why these “jelly bands” are still popular is because they’ve evolved throughout the years. The material used has become more durable and comfortable to wear. There are also more designs, fonts, and other customizations to choose from, making them perfect for people who want to express their own personal style.
  • They make great conversations starters – When people see someone wearing a wristband with a logo or words printed, embossed, or debossed on them; it makes them curious as to what it says. More often than not, people will ask about the wristband and the rest, as they say, is history.
  • They give more bang for the buck – One major concern marketers and branding specialists have is the cost. Companies are willing to shell out the big bucks for marketing and advertising purposes, but only if they see results. Of course, marketing paraphernalia doesn’t have to be expensive in order to be considered effective, or at the very least, cost-efficient. Custom silicon wristbands are actually quite cheap to produce as compared to t-shirts, mugs, and other items companies usually giveaway to their consumers and business partners. The prices can get even lower when large quantity orders are involved. The best part is that wristbands get more mileage because they can be worn everyday and they can be seen everywhere from schools to supermarkets, and even churches.
  • They can be completely customized – When silicon wristbands first became popular, manufacturers only offered limited color and design choices to their corporate clients. The resulting products were often less than desirable. The competition between these companies, however, has driven them to find new ways to give their customers what they need. Aside from the standard colors offered, many manufacturers have added color matching services to create custom-colored wristbands that match their customer’s desired colors. They’ve also managed to find more interesting ways to print their client’s logos, website addresses, or brand names on the wristbands, making them more appealing.

Part of the whole branding process is to make sure that one’s brand or company logo is seen by as many people as possible. Giving away custom silicon wristbands to business partners and loyal customers is not just a quick and easy marketing gimmick. When people wear a company’s customized wristband wherever they go, this also serves as their personal seal of approval of the brand. This gives the wristband more value and makes it a great marketing tool.

Why is there a Need to Use Surge Protectors?

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For many people, having appliances that turn on when plugged to an electrical outlet is already a great thing. Their devices are working and they can enjoy the convenience and entertainment that these electrical gadgets and appliances have to offer. However, unknown too many, these devices are being exposed to a possible damage caused by electrical surges and if that happens they can say goodbye to their TV, DVD players, laptops, and other devices that they enjoy using every day.

What are electrical surges?

surge protectorElectrical surges are sudden increases in voltage delivered from the power outlet to the machines. In the US, for instance, the standard voltage in homes and offices is 120 volts. In other countries, it may be 240 volts. If a power system delivers electricity that is higher than this for at least 3 nanoseconds, that is considered an electrical surge. Sometimes it is also called a voltage spike, but there is a little difference between a spike and a surge because the former refers to those that last only two nanoseconds or less.

Three nanoseconds may sound so quick that anyone would hardly imagine it to cause any machine damage. It is true that in most cases, a single incident of electrical surge or spike will not cause any damage to a device, but when it happens frequently and if the amount of increase is very high, then any appliance will stop working due to the high voltage delivered to its electrical components.

Electrical surges can be caused by various factors. Lightning is one identified reason. This is why sometimes when lightning strikes, some households will experience a flickering in their lights, which is a sign that the voltage delivered by their power system is becoming erratic. Appliances and machineries that require high amount of power to operate can also cause an electrical surge. When these appliances are turned on, they are causing the power grid to deliver enough electricity to make them function and this surge can affect other appliances in the home that are currently plugged in.

Surge Protectors: Solutions to Electrical Surges

Electrical surges can happen anywhere so the best line of action is to use a device that will protect appliances, devices, and machines. A good solution for this is to use surge protectors.

A surge protector works by detecting these spikes and surges and diverting the excess power to the ground. In effect, only the specified voltage remains to be delivered to the plugged machines. Surge protectors usually come in the form of power strips, or known as extension cords in other regions. However, instead of just being an extension with multiple outlets, inside it is an added component called the metal oxide varistor. This component is the one in charge of diverting the excess power. Most protectors also have a fuse so that in case the current becomes very high, it will only burn the fuse, which will then stop the flow of electricity to the plugged machines. Changing the fuse will usually make the surge protector work again.

In some structures, the surge protector is built within the main power grid so there is no need to homeowners to buy a separate device to use for each outlet.

Surge protectors may be an added cost in homes and offices, but they are definitely essential to protect electrical equipment. This does not, however, mean that people must place a surge protector on each outlet. The smart thing to do is identify appliances and machines that are way too expensive to replace and prioritize the use of surge protectors in them. Furthermore, be sure that only certified protectors are used, as there are cheap and substandard models available in the market that may not offer the protection that they claim.

A Necklace Equipped with Usability

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L-5A necklace is defined as an accessory, a type of jewelry that is worn around the neck. It is said to be originated from the Stone Age, where people have started to bind rocks together with a piece of string-like material and put it around their necks as a type of early fashion statement or believed means of protection. In the modern times though, it could be made up of small links of chains and even some kind of fabric.

Some types of necklaces have a pendant hanging on the center, while some necklaces are composed of pendants which could be stones, gems, and any of the like. The common purposes of wearing a necklace are to give added beauty to the wearer and to give emphasis or attract attention. Of those purposes mentioned, it would seem that a necklace is just pretty thing for wear, but actually, there are other things that could be considered necklaces that are pretty handy. If necklaces are defined as something a person wears around the neck, then lanyards would also be considered as necklaces.

Lanyards are woven fabrics worn around the neck in which each either has a hook or a loop of thread at the end used to suspend small things in such as identification cards, keys, whistles, penlights and other useful things.

These are basically used in order to prevent loss and also for easy access to the things clipped on the lanyard, these are also very useful to everybody, and these are commonly seen worn by children at schools for their identification cards, even by employees, which is why these are part of the many trends today, not only for its useful purpose but also as an accessory itself.

Lanyards are made up of fabrics, threads woven up together in order to get a flat or circular shape. Since there are varieties of threads and sewing tools available, it is very easy to make and design a lanyard. It could be designed in many ways such as through colors, shapes and even logos. The common logos to be imprinted to it are company or school names or logos, and even those of support groups and even people. This designing is done in order for other people to take notice or to be informed of the logo as a means of either identification or to gather attention for help for the support groups and such.

The usefulness of lanyards has been proven by the people’s continued use of it, and also by its attraction to people. This is why not only are they worn around the neck nowadays, but also around the shoulders or even the wrists like a form of bracelet. The difference of it from jewelries is that these are able to carry small, significant things.

In a nutshell, accessorizing has always been a part of a person’s life, be it ancient or modern, especially a woman, and a necklace has been one of the most popular jewelry to wear because of its attractiveness. But then, improvements have been made because of the people’s constant change of needs, and they definitely needed an accessory more useful than that of a simple necklace, and thus, a lanyard has been made.

A type of accessory that not can only hold small, usable things up with a hook or a piece of thread, but can also serve as a way of identification, a way to get people’s attention, and also serve as a decent, fashionable trend. Lanyards not only provide people with the service of keeping their important things just by their chest, but also provide decency and identification.

The Mister : A Literally Cool Machine

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It’s sad that because of man’s mad pursuit of knowledge, humanity landed into this hot pot of a world. In man’s hurry to reach comfort, he landed in discomfort. There was once a time when children were encouraged by their elders to go outside and play so that they may catch the rich nourishing rays of the sun, now the children are encouraged to stay indoors, lest the sun fry their skins and they contract cancer.

Companies searched for ways to beat the heat so that the functionality and productivity will not be sacrificed in the heat. A Mister or a misting system is one of the answers they found. A mister is a type of machinery that produces billions of tiny water droplets into the air. When an it is set up in an area with a high temperature, the water molecules would absorb the heat energy thereby decreasing the temperature in the process. At times a mister can live up to its name and create little mists, particularly in areas with a really high temperature. For it is during such circumstances that the speed at which the water absorbs the heat is fastest. The basic principle of this machine is that: the higher the temperature of a certain area, the higher the heat energy there is and the higher the heat energy the more water can absorb and eliminate them. And as the water absorbs the heat, the droplets change from its liquid state to its gaseous state.

Misting systems are also used by companies of all kinds and sorts. Architects and general contractors recommend installing a misting system to upgrade the outdoor environments of spacious areas and projects such as a residential area or a subdivision. It is also advisable to use misting systems in commercial areas, public projects and private property such as resorts, parks and schools.

A misting system is also used to avoid massive spoilage of temperature-fragile goods such as dairy especially when they are stored in large quantities in a single place such as a ware-house. A misting system can help control their storage place’s temperature.

Most ranchers also depend on misters to keep their barns and stables comfortable. With the constant heat, bearing down on the roofs of their animals’ homes, misting systems can keep their livestock cool and comfortable. A special type of misting system known as the misting fan is most favourable to use in such circumstances. For this model gets the cooling job done faster than the other models. While it functions just the same as a regular mister, its fans enhance the air circulation, thereby lowering the temperature of the place faster. Farmers on the other hand use misting systems to keep their plants moist and healthy despite the sweltering heat. Harvested vegetables that travel long distances to reach their market have misting systems to ensure that the crops arrive at their destination fresh and healthy.

No one can escape this global phenomenon known as the Global Warming. Humans, animals and even plants suffer its effects. Thankfully, misting systems help keep them cool and safe from the misfortunes and consequences that can be acquired from being exposed to excessive heat.

In man’s pursuit for a life of comfort he brought about this alarming global state. Thankfully man realized his mistakes before it was too late and his unknowing part in the world’s slow destruction ceased. Yes, new technologies are still sprouting all over the globe however his creations are now more aware and more sensitive of the world’s condition.

Auramist’s 30” mister is designed specifically for larger areas such as restaurants, factories, and warehouses.

4 Important Things that Live Chat can do for your Business

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One of the things that clients hate about online shopping is that they don’t get to talk with someone in real-time to give them precise answers. That won’t happen in your business area if you have a live chat service.

A prudent business owner will immediately employ the services of chat support. Doing so can help prevent his or her clients from leaving his or her business website and letting the competitors have them. Do you still doubt that the chat service can give your business a certain power? Read on and be enlightened.

Helps Increase Sales

live chatMost business owners who have chat support facility on their business websites enjoy an increase in sales. Customers are thankful for the chat representatives who can guide them through a sale and can give precise answers to their questions. Most customers need immediate guidance whenever they encounter things that they are not familiar with. It is important that the chat operator is knowledgeable about the product. Make sure to assign someone who can explain things to your clients and not create further confusion. The chat operator should be courteous and friendly to make the client feel at ease.

Sometimes, the operator’s unfriendly tone could break the sale. If you choose to assign your employee to handle the chat facility, then see to it that the assigned employee has enough patience in dealing with all kinds of people. A friendly tone and pleasant voice can always make the client stay and lead him or her to make a purchase.

It Cuts Operational Expenses

Unlike phone support, live chat can handle several clients at once. It’s like having two to three more lines, but you only need to pay for a price of one. Moreover, most clients prefer chat support service. There are times when it is too difficult to hear the things that the other party is saying over the phone.
Your employees don’t need to spend that much time on the phone, and they can proceed with their work while answering the queries via online chat. Your employees can do more work while attending the needs of your clients.

It Gives you an Advantage Over your Competitors

Not all business websites that cater the same products as yours have chat support in their sites. It is wise to take advantage of the situation and immediately install chat support service on your own site. Most customers are more willing to transact their business with sites that have chat support service. A sales clerk may not be physically present during the sale, but the chat representative’s presence is enough for the customer during the sale.

Most of the time, a description of the product (no matter how detailed) is not enough for the customer to make the purchase. Prudent buyers always need to make sure that they are getting their money’s worth, and the description of the product has been always not enough to make them feel at ease. A chat representative who can please the customer’s query gets the sale in the end and may even convince the client to make another purchase or drop by again any time soon.

It Offers Convenience

In today’s busy world, most people take advantage of the convenience that online shopping gives and live chat made it more convenient. At least 40% of consumers find online shopping more enjoyable if there is a person to talk to via the chat support while doing their shopping. At least 60% of consumers say that they regularly visit the sites that have chat support and they make a purchase in some occasions.

The online chat service gives the buyers immediate access to support when they need it most. Some buyers also prefer to know everything first regarding the product before making a purchase. To achieve that, they need someone to make things clear for them. A chat representative can give the complete information that the buyers need about the product. If the chat representative has satisfied the clients, then they will have no more reason not to buy the product.

Now, do you still think that live chat service is not for you?

GoDaddy: One of the Oldest, Yet Still Going Strong

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The name GoDaddy has been going around as one of the best companies to go for if you ever need to register a domain or get a web hosting service. It was started in 1997 as Jomax Technologies by retired US Marine Bob Parsons, who changed it to GoDaddy Group Inc. in 1999. GoDaddy rose to its prime in 2005, when they became the largest ICANN-accredited registrar on the internet. Today, they hold the distinction as the largest ICANN-accredited registrar in the world, with over 57 million domains under management, 12 million customers, and more than 4,000 employees working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year in 14 facilities across the globe.

VPS Hosting

GoDaddy offers a wide range of budget VPSweb hosting products, from simple web hosting to VPS, dedicated servers, managed hosting, even reseller hosting and dedicated IP. With so much to offer, this article will only focus on their budget VPS plans, which is almost their entire VPS product line.

As far as all of their VPS products are concerned, all their VPS products run on the 3 most popular operating systems for servers: CentOS Version 6.4 (for those looking for a stable version of Linux with enterprise capability), Fedora Version 14 (for mode advanced Linux administrators), and Windows Version 2008 Standard 64-Bit server. Below is a list of standard inclusions for any of their plans:

  • Free rapid setup
  • Free SSL certificate
  • 3 dedicated IPs
  • FTP access
  • Free 10 Fotolia® Credits


Other inclusions are bandwidth overage protection, intrusion prevention systems, as well as 24/7 support.

Their budget VPS product prices go for as low as $26.99 a month for a 1-year contract, which includes 1GB of RAM, 40GB of storage, and 1TB of bandwidth per month, although a lot of people prefer the $35.99-per-month budget VPS plan, which includes 2GB of RAM, 60GB of storage, and 2TB of bandwidth per month.

Their top-of-the-line, yet still very much a budget VPS plan includes 8GB of RAM, 240GB of storage, and 8TB of bandwidth allocation per month. This comes in at a price of only $134.99 for a 1-year contract.

Add-ons to their VPS products are as follows:

  • FTP Solution – a manual backup option visible only from the customer’s VPS, starting at $3.99 per month for 15GB worth of FTP backup.
  • Additional bandwidth for as low as $14.99 per month for an extra 500GB
  • 2 options for a control panel
  • Parallels Plesk, which can handle unlimited domains for only $9.99 per month
  • cPanel and WHM Unlimited at only $9.99 per month


Other Hosting Products

GoDaddy also offers Web Hosting for as low as $3.49 per month, with features such as cPanel for Linux to improve loading time, one-click install process for any of your apps, and 24/7 monitoring and security. For Windows users, Parallels Plesk is also available for those who want to run on Windows Server 2012.

If you’ve outgrown your VPS plan, you no longer need to look elsewhere for dedicated servers. GoDaddy also offers plans for those who need more oomph from their servers with their dedicated server products, all of which operate on the latest server operating systems. With their dedicated servers, you can also enlist the help of their expert staff without actually hiring them full-time.

GoDaddy truly is one of the best providers as far as web hosting is concerned, even with their beginnings as a domain registrar. Through several innovations and a strong focus on stellar customer support, GoDaddy continues to lead the industry as far as web hosting solutions go. You really can’t go wrong with any of their services, especially if you want reliable web hosting without the need to break the bank.

Author Bio:RockVPS provides budget vps, or cheap vps, built upon providing a fast network and 100% SSD server hardware. Our service utilizes KVM virtualization combined with the SolusVM Control Panel. We use only the latest Intel Quad and Hex Core servers with SSD Hard